Doing something fun for your body

fun movement what works May 06, 2020

Here's a quick tip today! Do something fun for you (and your body) 30 minutes a day. This tip is a real money maker!

I ask my partner, Jürgen, to remind me when I get caught up in work and creating, to just take a break and go outside and move my body.

Don't forget, especially during these times right now, to have fun!

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Welcome to Pragmatic Practitioner!


If you are someone who works with people... a therapist, doctor, social worker, teacher... parent, coach or hairdresser, and you're looking for an alternative way of creating change, this is the program for you!

Many people I work with are drained after working with their clients. They say there are certain topics they don't know how to deal with.

This program is about being pragmatic! Pragmatic means doing what works. 

This is not about teaching you a new 'right' way of doing your work. It's not the answer. This is about you discovering your unique way of creating change. One that works for you.

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